Available for editorial work, sketchnoting sessions, portraits, among other things that combine visual work and thought!

Reach me:
︎   hello [at] nielssinke [dot] nl
︎    +31613076852
︎   @nielssinke 

The red line that connects my works is of a technological nature. One that either touches biology, augmenting the human body, or the pressure that technology puts on society.

The intent is not to single out technology as a good or a bad thing, but to show that it is fully interwoven in daily life. By connecting both the smallest and the biggest ideas, weaving the outermost edges of a bell-curve together and showing the best and worst case scenarios that technology can bring us, now and in the future.

Graduated from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht in 2018 and now I’m active as an illustrator, podcast maker and tech enthusiast. My favourite pastime is wandering through a vast landscape of ideas, online or offline, whichever is able to get my attention.


Worked together with:
Universiteit Utrecht
Betweter Festival
Teylers Museum
Frans Hals Museum
De Dakhaas
SYNC Nights
Doctor Cloud
Tijdschrift EI
Waar het Schip Strand